To create the future in residential housing, OUTPOST delivers an integrated real estate platform with investment, development, and operational expertise. OUTPOST's capabilities span both asset and platform level disciplines, providing a 360° service.


Finding a diamond in the rough takes a keen eye and courage to act. OUTPOST has the experience required to identify opportunities with ‘good bones’ and reimagine their customer potential, creating value for communities as well as our investment partners. 


Creating the future from scratch requires vision and a solid plan. At OUTPOST we are resolute in our mission to create impactful, tech enabled, productive spaces that empower today’s generation and provide a foundation for them that is freeing, reliable and convenient.


Leading, supporting and motivating teams is essential to delivering quality service and experience on a daily basis. We bring the focus to execute on the details across the board, from compliance and health & safety, to marketing, asset management and budgeting for value. 


The ability to recognize evolving customer needs and translate them to market context is foundational for success. Everything OUTPOST stands for echoes this concept as we continually strive to get to know our customer and translate that into a meaningful experience for residents living with us at ENCLAVE.


As explorers ourselves, OUTPOST is adept at forging new paths. Whether establishing systems to bring assets to market or hiring and training teams; aligning people with goals or making new connections to generate opportunities is central to our success.


OUTPOST creates value by challenging the boundaries of established communities. Having done it before, we understand how to harness scale to gain efficiencies at asset, city, and platform level; driving value for both our residents and investors.

Location Focus

Our framework for assessing new locations include:


We target pedestrian friendly sites that connect people by default; delivering a barrier free lifestyle.


Large scale buildings create the ecosystem for coincidental interactions and new opportunities for urban explorers.


Interconnected sites provide convenience, mobility and access to recreational opportunities & a wider community.


Tapping into historic roots, up-and-coming neighborhoods offer authentic, attainable housing.

Flexible Use Class

OUTPOST’s team has experience operating across multiple planning frameworks, harnessing the perspective required to create a new class of housing for today’s urban explorers. 


  • Service Aware Student
  • 120 - 300  sqft per unit
  • 250 - 1,000 units per asset


  • Young Professional
  • 200 - 500 sqft per unit
  • 200 - 900 units per asset


  • Mobile Professional
  • 400 - 1,000 sqft per unit
  • 100 - 500 units per asset

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